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    BAC celebrates anniversary of groundbreaking

    DICKINSON, ND – From a pile of dirt to a soon to be completed facility, the $16 million Badlands Activities Center on the campus of Dickinson State University has come a long way in one year’s time.  The BAC celebrated its anniversary with the installation of air handling units, which enables workers to completely enclose the main structure and complete work on the inside.

     “The only way to get the air handling units in the building was through the exterior wall of the lower level,” said Casey Jackson, the Mortensen Construction project manager.  “Therefore we had to leave out a section of the exterior wall and some interior walls to allow for a clear path to get the units in the building and transferred to a mechanical room that houses the units.”

     To get the air handling units down to the lower level, they had to be lifted by crane from where the sections were staged near the south patio and hoisted into the seating area.  Because of this, the installation of the bleachers could not be completed until the air handling units were set inside the building.

    Now that the air handling units are in the building, workers can build the interior and exterior walls that will complete the interior build out of the lower level and finish the installation of the grandstands.  Columns and beams were erected in December to ensure that all the structural members were fabricated correctly.  Now complete installation of the structure and bleachers can take place.

     In the coming weeks, a mechanical contractor will assemble sections of each air handling unit. They will also terminate the hot water supply pipes, refrigeration lines, controls, and air ducts at each unit in effort to start supplying tempered air through the facility in support of the late spring completion date.

     Two air handling units serve the entire building.  The unit that serves the lower level is twenty-three feet long, nine feet wide and eight feet high.  The unit that serves the main level and press level is eighteen and a half feet long, eleven and a half feet wide and eight feet high.

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