TR Maquette

    “Young TR Enters the Arena,” a life-size bronze sculpture commissioned by the Theodore Roosevelt Center and the Dickinson State University Foundation, depicts Roosevelt at the age of 27, a still somewhat tentative orator and reformer, about to deliver what many regard as his first great national speech – the first-ever Fourth of July oration in Dickinson, Dakota Territory, in 1886. During his Dakota ranching years, TR was becoming the Theodore Roosevelt of American legend, but his famous confidence was only beginning to exhibit itself. This work by sculptor Tom Bollinger of Tempe, Arizona, portrays the young Roosevelt:  a natural leader clearly on his way to a great future, but still a little unfinished and frail; a patriot, but one who called upon the American people to rise to the challenge of the magnificence of the American West.


    This 17.5" h x 6" w x 5" d maquette of the sculpture will complete any TR enthusiasts collection.  Order yours today for a special price of $2,000 and become 1 of 100 TR and Foundation supporters to own your artist signed and numbered "Young TR Enters the Arena" bronze sculpture! 

    Get your limited limited edition today!

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